At the end of each seasonal year in August, The Show Report supports the arts by presenting a donated check to one individual Southern California artist (Orange/LA/Riverside/San Diego/IE Counties) who has shown an exemplary performance in a role resulting in award, recognition or nomination, and who has been recommended over a majority of other contenders. These funds are derived from your generous support and participation, and all incoming donations are awarded to the winner in its entirety. Your input and nomination is very welcome and you may use the contact form as described below for particular recommendations.

If you are a business and would like to help us in this effort, your gift will be honorably mentioned on this page and remain for the following full year, and a promotional link or company logo will also be included. Individual donors will also be prominently displayed, and so very appreciated!


Note: Also in the month of August, The Show Report will be granting a full scope of awards to individual actors, technical and stage managers, including a permanent Show of Shows trophy award that will be bestowed to the Director for Best of Show for the previous season. Your votes, along with our committee, will have exclusive judgment for all recipient winners.

We encourage you to contact us using the form on the CONTACT page, or directly at if you have questions, to vote for your favorite artist, to send logo materials, or for other comments. You may also use the convenient PayPal button below for your expediency. All donations are tax deductible and will be in the name of the current winners being supported. And thank you so much for your kindness and beneficence!!

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