October 22, 2018

Cassidy Love & Sarah Bielicki 

as Winifred Banks in APA's

"Mary Poppins "


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About Sarah Bielicki:

Sarah is in her fourth year at the esteemed HBHS Academy for the Performing Arts, majoring in Musical Theatre with a Minor in Dance. Former stage roles include Elizabeth's Entourage/Ensemble (Young Frankenstein), and Allana (The Little Mermaid).

About Cassidy Love:

Cassidy is also in her fourth year at the Academy for the Performing Arts, and majoring in Musical Theatre. Some of her favorite parts on stage have included Inga (Young Frankenstein), and Jean MacLaren (Brigadoon). 

Presently, Sarah and Cassidy are double cast in the role of Winifred Banks in the current Mainstage production of "Mary Poppins," which opened October 20th and plays through October 28th at the Historic Auditorium and Bell Tower, Huntington Beach High School. Cassidy assumes the part on 10/20, 10/25 and 10/28, and Sarah takes over on 10/21, 10/26 and 10/27.

Both, with matchless voices, a memorable, exemplary performance in their opening weekend, and a grace on stage that epitomizes the character perfectly, Sarah and Cassidy share this week's honor as Artists of the Week for Southern California!


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