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REVIEW: "Funny Bōnz: The Humerus Solution"—P3Theatre

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

"A Wildly Creative, On-Target and Imaginative Comic Response to Most Everything We’re Going Through"

“Funny Bōnz: The Humerus Solution” is a politically-incorrect sketch comedy revue featuring musical satire of current events, politics, and pop-culture.

Produced by P3 Theatre Company, “Funny Bōnz” was created in the style of “Laffing Matterz,” an award-winning dinner theatre that entertained audiences from around the world in the Fort Lauderdale area for an unprecedented nine years.

“Laffing Matterz” creator and producer, Rita Wells, along with original “Laffing Matterz” cast member, Jon Peterson (also P3 Theatre Company’s Founder and Executive Artistic Director), and P3 Theatre Company’s live stream engineer, Brian Russell, co-created this fantastic production, successfully taking the in-person comedy club feel to a virtual platform into the viewer’s homes.

Premiering April 10th in two unparalleled performances, 4pm and 7pm Pacific Time, the livestream show is now available on demand through April 30th at

“Funny Bōnz” also stars original “Laffing Matterz” cast members Shawn Kilgore, Lori Nutl, Angela J. Thomas, and introduces Michelle Ameerally and Alden Bettencourt in their debut. The cast was superb. There was not a weak link among them, each landing their lines with impeccable timing, and playing off each other like they have been doing this show for years. In fact, most of them have.

Pulling triple duty as Co-Hosts, Co-Directors and cast members, Jon Peterson and Rita Wells keeps things moving, while making apparent where their original talents lie. This show has turned out to be one of the best things to counter the seriousness of these fraught times by balancing it with good-hearted fun and a chance to laugh at ourselves.

Funny Bonz is a wildly creative, on-target and imaginative comic response to most everything we’re going through – instant relief for the anxiety-ridden moments. It’s simply a great way for all of us to laugh our way into the new normal with some good, clean (or at the very least...ultra-hygienic) virtualness.

Even with today’s Zoom production standards, the limited choreography is tight, the pace quick and the music punchy. The raring-to-go cast delivers a manic revue of top-notch material for a laugh-packed adventure, funneling their talents into a variety of new comedy sketches, parody tunes and classic skits from the archives, riddled with rapid-fire humor that stays with you past the "final bows."

And laugh you will; the musical numbers are quite hilarious. One of the best of these is the first number, “Too Much Botox” written by Rick Crom. It’s an eerie musical ode to the overuse of Botox injections, punctuated by puckered up faces illustrating the point. Following that is the signature song for colorectal surgeons everywhere, called “Working Where the Sun Don’t Shine,” written by Bowser and Blue. Next is “I Drive On 95,” written by David Nagy, and set to the music of “Love Potion #9.”

Other musical sketches include “Tonight is Not an Ordinary Night,” written by Max Rossi; “Sourdough,” written by Michael L. Kronberg; “Progenitorivox (The Drugs I Need),” written by Henry Card, Conrad Deisler, Tom Pittman, Robert Resnick and Korey Simeone; “Real Housepets of New Jersey” (skit), written by Michael L. Kronberg; "News Reports," written by Michael L. Kronberg; “Socially Distanced Facetime,” written by Max Rossi; “The Pirate Song,” written by Cyrus W. Kalb Jr. and Carlene Kalb; “I’m a Middle-Aged Woman,” written by Lisa Koch; “Spoonerism,” written by Mark Wells; “A Happy Tune?,” from the off-Broadway musical Disenchanted, music and lyrics by Dennis T. Giacino.

Musical Direction and Arrangements are by Phil Hinton; Technical Director, Digital Media Designer and Broadcast Engineer is Brian Russell; Sound Designer is Brandy Millet; Production Coordinator is Betsy Paull and Editing Associate is Katie Chen.

At a time when there has been so much political pressure, so much unrest in the streets, not to mention a worldwide killer virus, there’s something hugely refreshing about exposing the most ridiculous aspects of today’s cultural climate. The guiding thesis seems to be that, in the face of madness, often the best thing you can to laugh.

So why not take a break from that madness and join P3 Theatre for this zany, rib-tickling time? Your funny bone will thank you later.

Chris Daniels

Arts & Entertainment Reviewer

The Show Report

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