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Chris Daniels has a BME in Music, Minor in Creative Writing, and is a former ghostwriter, news director and radio DJ, choral director, stage actor, vocal coach, songwriter, promoter, publicist, band member and performer during the 70's/80's. As a PR celebrity publicist and artist promoter in the OKC/Dallas large arena markets, he served as a liason agent for various well-known pop and rock groups. Chris is also well-versed in the field of audio technology and multitrack recordings. He is presently listed as a voice-over actor and audiobook narrator. He is a former licensed CA agent and tax/financial consultant, and is presently owner founder of The Show Report, an active judge (6 yrs.) for National Youth Arts in Southern California and is a regular participant in judging local arts festivals, vocal competitions and exhibitions. mbr L.A. Press Club

Every fall, high school musical theatre students going into their senior year are competing for slots in the colleges of their choice, and many go to great extent to audition at several schools for the musical theatre/drama departments during the course of their last year. The competition is very keen, sometimes with only a very few spots to fill, and requires them to be at the top of their game to be considered. Many times, the college uses only a few minutes evaluation to assess talent, so being prepared for this very important session is imperative to continue their career and dreams on the stage. We look to not only reward these high achievers for their efforts, but also help prepare them further for their "Broadway-Bound" careers.


So, in order to help make the cut, The Show Report will present the most deserving high school junior going into their senior year a scholarship for a five-day comprehensive musical theatre summer camp right here in Orange County. The camp is extremely intensive, with personal coaches, mentorship, performance critiques, as well as workshops from veteran stage actors or celebrities. These tips picked up in that short five days are not usually discussed in a high school setting, and the results are amazing! The camp agenda also includes a student theatrical performance by the end of the five day curriculum. Presentations will take place again after the High School award season is finished in May, 2020, and all awards noted. Actual camp dates TBD.


Qualification is simple:

  • High School graduates are not eligible. You must be at least a High School Junior with a minimum of one recognized award by one of the major musical theatre award organizations, i.e., National Youth Arts, Spirit of the Macy's, JRays, National High School Musical Theatre, etc. 


  • Students should have a letter from their parents allowing participation, if less than 18, and have a personal recommendation by one of their director(s)/theatre instructors.

There is no cost to the recipients for this award. But, based on the average expense ranging at $1500 for the camp, The Show Report is prepared to accept donations of any amount to assist in funding this program, with 100% going to the student's enrollment fee. With your help, we can make a talented and aspiring student fulfill their dreams! 


Please contact us at chrisdaniels@theshowreport.org if you would like to assist, or use the convenient PayPal button below. Your gift will be honorably mentioned on this page. And thank you so much for your support!!

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