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COMING SOON! "Feliz - An American Play" — The Wayward Artist

In partnership with Michael-Miguel Productions and funded by a Santa Ana Arts Grant, the Wayward Artist presents: “Feliz – An American Play” by Michael J. Mejia.

Directed by LA director and teaching artist, Rosa Lisbeth Navarrete, the play follows a Mexican-American family in Bakersfield, California filled with secrets of addiction, desire and identity. Within the world of Latinx magical realism, the trumpets of the apocalypse have been sounded.

This streamed zoom performance brings a unique experience to the virtual stage. Crippled by secrets of addiction, desire, and identity, the family must face the truth all are avoiding. The cast includes Moises Rodriguez as Augusto, Sheresade Poblet as Amanda, Miguel Torres Cruz as Joe, Jennifer Aguilar as Vicki, Isaac Ybarra as Eric, Roberta H. Martínez as Consuela, and Chayan Tavakoly as Sam.

“Feliz – An American Play” premieres on April 17, 2021 at 7 p.m. with a drive-in experience screened by The Frida Cinema. The Frida Cinema team has created Streaming Cinema, a series of outdoor drive-in events that offers a socially distant and safe viewing experience. The Wayward Artist is proud to partner with The Frida Cinema to host the premiere of “Feliz – An American Play.” For more information, visit our website: Tickets

Chris Daniels

Arts & Entertainment Reviewer

The Show Report


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