REVIEW: THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Train Ride – Perris & Fillmore, CA

THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Train Ride has come to Southern California for the first time at two different locations: Fillmore (Ventura County) and Perris (Inland Empire) this holiday season!

The theatrical ride event is organized by Rail Events Productions and licensed by Warner Bros., running in 48 locations in the U.S., Canada and Britain.

The magic of Christmas exists for those who believe. That’s the theme of The Polar Express, the beloved children’s book by Chris Van Allsburg that became a perennial favorite holiday movie featuring Tom Hanks.

In the story, a boy takes a train journey to the North Pole to rekindle his belief in Santa and since the book's publication, dozens of Polar Express trains have popped up across the U.S., Canada, and the United Kingdom, offering families the opportunity to recreate the magical Polar Express experience, just like in the book and the movie.

THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Train Ride is officially licensed by Warner Bros. Consumer Products, and is a re-creation of the classic children’s story on board a real train in Southern California.

Set to the sounds of the motion picture soundtrack, passengers will relive the magic of the classic story as they are whisked away on THE POLAR EXPRESS™ for a magical, immersive trip to meet Santa at the North Pole featuring a large staff of energetic hosts who lead the train in an interactive, hour-long experience.

Once on board, your car hosts will work their way through the coach and punch your golden ticket before treats are served. Passengers are entertained non-stop by hostesses (songs from the movie), served hot chocolate and Snickerdoodles by dancing chefs, then enjoy a reading of the book by Chris Van Allsburg.

Kids will love it when they personally receive the first gift of Christmas (a silver sleigh bell) from Santa when he boards the train to greet families. Brightly dressed a